Welcome, to Hawke’s Bay’s first (road) biking accommodation

Located in a rolling hill landscape, with river valleys and coastal rides near by, oneOrange2 in Hawke’s Bay offers some of the best road biking to be had in New Zealand.

All in a day’s riding
With just a little pre-planning, you could see yourself enjoying the delights of a beautiful countryside, lonely roads, and a great climate, all washed down with a local espresso, craft beer or world class local wine.

As keen cyclists we look for holidays where we can indulge in our sport together. We’ve found there are few places internationally that can offer what the Hawke’s Bay does for cyclists.

Gentle undulating country with relatively deserted roads means that this region is a delight to ride in.

With a variety of road rides from 20km to 100km+, off road cycle paths of more than 180km running throughout the Bay combined with a region which is the food and wine bowl of NZ – it simply doesn’t get any better!

Hiring Bikes – see ‘The Bay’ from a Colnago

Road Bikes
Call us bike snobs, but we prefer to think of ourselves as true enthusiasts… anyway, when we thought about what bikes we should offer for hire, it seemed contrary to have anything that we wouldn’t be delighted to ride ourselves.

And because the Italians do it so well, we have stocked our garage with a range of various sized Colnago’s for you to enjoy.

We chose Colnago for their outstanding frame characteristics, sound componentry and superior ride. Running gear is also important as any cyclist will know, so we have spec’d each bike with Shimano groupsets and upgraded the wheels to Fulcrum R5’s.

While the Colnago’s offer serious cyclists a great bike to enjoy, they are also (like all classy Italians) very approachable for the less experienced.

For more information on Colnago bikes please click here.

Off Road Bikes
The Bay has approximately 180kms of great off road cycle tracks that have been developed over recent years.

Consequently there are plenty of places where off road bikes can be hired in the Bay …or if you want we have two of our own – sturdy and dependable but nothing special – that we will hire out very reasonably.

What to Bring for Cycling

New Zealand law states that all cyclists must wear helmets, so please remember to bring yours with you.

Also pack your own shoes and pedals along with your range of cycling gear.

What We Wear in Summer
Short leg bibs, short sleeved tops, cotton socks and fingerless gloves. Leg and arm sleeves for cooler days, and a light rain jacket plus the option of a sleeveless wind / shower jacket.

What We Wear in Winter
To the above add in thermal tops, over shoe booties, full finger gloves, heavier duty leg and arm extensions and better rain coverage.

For Bike Hire agreement, please click here.
For Bike Hire conditions, including information for fitting your bike, please click here.

Popular Routes


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